When women walk into THE CALM on Spokane's South Hill, they should look around and say "ahhhh".  That was the goal of founder Jennifer Miley, who wanted to incorporate her love for wine, relaxation, and good company, but she coupled that with her need to give back to the community through "CALM Cares". 

The Calm is a place to be, without being Mom, Boss, PTA President, Soccer Team Manager, Sister or Daughter. We love being all those things but we also sometimes just need to “be.” We all have daily roles and responsibilities that occupy our time but don't necessarily fulfill all our needs.

It's about taking care of ourselves, since we are so good at taking care of others. It's also really about things women love: Wine, of course! And experiences—we love to hear from others, not just our peers, and we like to hear it up close and personal.

At The Calm you can sit back, with a glass of wine, get a foot soak and just relax by yourself or with your friends.


Registration is
simple & convenient!

Wine serving technology like nothing else in Spokane.

Unique events and speakers from all over the country!

Complimentary beverage upon every visit for our members.

"CALMcierge" services to make your busy life a bit less hectic.

The Calm reserves the right to at will or whim; spoil its Members on any given evening. Of course, we can't tell you what these might be or it wouldn't be a surprise now would it? These will just have to be "wait and sees"...

Membership is optional and only $500.00 a year!